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Dan Finch

While studying for his BA in Industrial Arts and Masters in Liberal Studies, Dan Finch was exposed to clay. Having worked the land on the family tobacco farm, it was only natural for him to be attracted to the medium. Continuing his pottery education at the Penland School of Crafts, in the mountains of North Carolina, Dan was influenced by Mary Law, Cynthia Bringle, Don Reitz, Jane Peiser, and Bob Turner.

    Extremely diverse, Dan throws miniature pots for children during demonstrations, 10-foot tall pots and 30 pound bowls in stoneware, and delicate pieces of porcelain. 

    As past Director of the North Carolina Pottery Center and former President of the Village of Yesteryear at the North Carolina State Fair, Dan is continually involved in promoting pottery throughout the state.



Arriving at Finch Pottery studio, you are greeted by rock gardens, lush plants and bubbling water fountains. A variety of pots adorn the deck, along with a large stoneware wall piece depicting a tobacco barn. That image has come to be known as Dan's "signature". Outside Studio

"By growing and learning one's self, the clay is given life. And when the clay is alive, it reflects the journey, philosophy and personality of the potter."

The studio is not only Dan's work space, but is also a school for pottery students to explore the craft. The relaxed atmosphere and studio hours are a result of Dan's friendly, generous teaching style. He is quick to share his knowledge and experiences as he quietly guides students through the learning process. Each student is allowed to grow at his or her own pace, resulting in pots that reflect the individual's personality and creativity.                                
Along with several electric kilns, stoneware, raku, and salt kilns (right), Dan has built a custom designed kiln for firing his 10-foot tall pots. The most recent addition to the kiln yard is the 700 cubic foot, wood fired, anagama. 
Salt Kiln                                

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