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Jack Rodney Finch

Read "Is There A Need To Feed Bluebirds?" by Jack Finch

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Bluebird Home DrawingJust a few short years ago, the bluebird was nearly eradicated due to several reasons. A shortage of natural cavities for nesting, competition from house sparrows and starlings, and pesticides caused the bluebird population to decline by nearly 90%. Today, thanks to the efforts of organizations like Homes for Bluebirds, Inc., founded by Jack Finch in 1973, bluebirds are flourishing in Eastern North Carolina as well as throughout the country.

This success story is one that mankind can be proud of. By providing nesting sites, humans have the opportunity to observe a creature that demonstrates the aesthetic values of family devotion, love, tranquility, and serene beauty. And bluebirds could almost be classified as "people watchers". They will not hesitate to nest nearby if man will watch the company he keeps. Bluebirds will have no part of any man who keeps company with cats and other predators.

Not only popular in prose and other song lyrics, bluebirds are also an asset to farmers and gardeners. Virtually never damaging cultivated crops; their diet consists almost entirely of insects in spring and summer.  During cold winter weather when insects are not available, bluebirds feed on wild berries.

Homes for Bluebirds, Inc. is a non-profit organization, dedicated to research and testing to determine the most ideal nesting, roosting, and monitoring structures for bluebirds and other song birds. Financial support is through the sale of nesting boxes, brochures and cash donations. Homes for Bluebirds, Inc. has for sale front opening bluebird houses. Each house has a dual- purpose metal mounting bracket, allowing easy installation on a 1" metal pipe, tree or post.