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ZONE 6-9 (-10 to 20)
Rabbiteye Type

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ALICE BLUE Early ripening

-Medium blue fruit

-Tall, spreading plant growth

-Variety does well in lower southern area

BALDWIN Mid to late season ripening

-Medium size dark blue berries with small dry stem scars.

-Try this cultivar to extend the harvest season

BECKY BLUE Early ripening

-Medium to large light blue fruit; sweet taste

-Tall spreading growth

-Variety produces in high & low winter-chilling

BLUEBELLE Early to mid-season ripening

-Large dark berries recommend for home plantings; excellent flavor

-Upright growth; produces over a relatively long period of time

BONITA Early ripening

-Medium to large size light excellent light blue fruit

-Mostly upright vigorous growth

BRIGHTWELL Early to mid-season ripening

-Medium-large light blue berry; sweet flavor

-Upright, vigorous growth; consistent producer 

CENTURION Mid to late season ripening

-Medium to large good quality fruit, darker in color than most rabbiteye

-Generally upright growth; easy to manage

CLIMAX Early ripening

-Medium size berries; sweet flavor

-Upright growth with intense green foliage

-One of the very best for harvesting

COLUMBUS Early to mid-season ripening

-Excellent fruit size; good color

-Good yields

-Needs a pollinator

DELITE Mid-season ripening

-Medium to large size slightly dark berries; fine texture and excellent taste

-Upright growing plant lacking density of foliage

GARDEN BLUE Early to mid-season ripening

-Medium size, good quality, light blue berries; fine flavor

-Vigorous grower

IRA Mid-season to late ripening

-Medium size, light blue fruit

-Vigorous, self fertile, upright growth

MONTGOMERY Early to mid-season ripening

-Mid-size, light blue fruit

-Moderately vigorous, semi-upright growth

ONSLOW Mid-season ripening

-Large fruit

-Vigorous, semi-upright growth

-Self fertile

PINK   LEMONADE Mid-season to late ripening -When fully ripe the berries will be pretty pink color with good flavor. Plants are very ornamental from spring to fall.
POWDER BLUE Late season ripening

-Medium to large size fruit, darker blue in color; sweet taste

-Upright highly productive plant; good foliage

PREMIER Early to mid-season ripening

-Large, light blue, good quality fruit; excellent flavor

-Highly productive, upright  growth, good foliage

SOUTHLAND Mid to late season ripening

-Medium to large size, good quality fruit throughout the season

-Compact, upright growth with dense foliage



Mid-season ripening

-Medium to large light blue, good quality berries

-Vigorous upright plants hold up well until last berries are harvested

-Tifblue rates as the best ornamental for fall leaf color

YADKIN Mid-season ripening

-Mid to large fruit with good color

-Semi-upright, self fertile, moderately vigorous growth


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